I am Lilach Harris. I can help you help yourself.

Don't let stigma stop you from getting the help that you need. I offer non-judgmental, direct, and respectful counseling.

Would you like to improve your relationship? I have extensive training and education in the successful treatment of issues related to relationship as well as trauma (childhood or combat). I provide simple strategic solutions using a non-judgmental approach. I am an interactive mediator and trusted agent. I speak honestly and directly in order to achieve results.

I can offer to steer you through the maze of complex hurdles surrounding you and your spouse or partner, by developing follow up actions that everyone can live with. I can guide you on your journey to get to where you need or want to be.

I provide treatment for relationship issues including: infidelity, communication problems, occupational issues, infertility, parenting, military related issues and more. I also provide treatment for professional High Risk Operators (Military Special Forces, Police, Fire Fighters and other first responders) in order to reduce the likelihood of further trauma to the individual and the family.

I believe in change, but I also believe that it takes a conscious effort and hard work to achieve that change. Together we can get there.

My treatment modalities include:

Our sessions are confidential with few limitations. The limits to confidentiality are: harm to self, harm to others, and child abuse.